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Is Coaching for you?

The Art of JKD Coaching is a customized program that will provide you with principle-based-effective-lessons. That means you will be equipped with the confidence to give hands-on sessions privately or in a group setting. This is supported by following practical exercises, training methods and knowing there is a measurable outcome.

The Art of JKD includes a framework to amplify your current knowledge and allows you to follow simple steps to benefit you and your client.

Driven by goals

Follow clear guidelines to ensure you meet the minimum requirements through our coaching plan. When you invest in yourself and commit to becoming a professional, your clients will gain effective results.

This is not a 2 day Instructor course in which you automatically get certified by a price ticket. Our courses support you with regular meetings online, in-person training and access to resources to help improve your skill level for you and your future cliental.

Certified Coaches


All coaches listed were once students themselves and have met the qualifications in-person to become a coach through evaluations and testing.

Deeply Committed

Our coaches are supported by regular meetings and accountability which indirectly supports their clients. We know how important it is to get the right guidance.

Highly Skilled

Each coach brings a unique experience acquired through time and each session ensures you get a full understanding what goals to achieve.

Danny Bermingham

N. Yuba City, Ca

Dan Ma

Portland, Or

Wesley Harrison

Huston, Tx

Angelo Russo

Milan, It

Julius Johnson

Sacramento, Ca

Colter Clemence

Springfield, Mo