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What is The Art of JKD?

What is The Art of JKD?

What is the Art of JKD?  The Art of JKD Online

I’d like to point out what matters most to a potential practitioner. We can agree that martial arts can provide clarity in unfamiliar territory and increase the level of confidence to escape danger. For some people, the Arts are a way to escape from their current day to day responsibilities and perhaps help rechanneling focus. But if your goal is to one day train in JKD, you must identify the value of program that uses the Jeet Kune Do (JKD) name. At the same time recognize the legitimacy of the program. What components are in place to help benefit your needs? How is your progress measured? What key principles help drive results?

While most JKD models influence participants to take on a legacy and emulate a method based on the Instructors interpretation, it is completely the opposite in Bruce Lee’s expression to Self-Actualize.

To sum this up, Bruce Lee left notes on his developmental process, taught his students based on skill level and inspired millions in the Martial Way. Lee’s journey has taught following generations to get out there and do what you love! But with a plan!

What is the Art of JKD?  The Art of JKD ONLINE

What makes The Art of JKD different from generalized methods of JKD is specific guidance towards your personal goals. These goals include, transparent skills, physical health, focus, a very well-balanced structure which indirectly improves situational awareness. Guessing is out and the calculation you make is based on your opponent’s movements; no longer using the open-ended rule as an excuse to violate principles. The degree of success depends on training in an efficient way. It is my mission to help people with tools they can use with confidence!

Wouldn’t you like to know what proactive and creative actions to use during a defense scenario? How about learning to disrupt your opponent’s actions by changing perception?

My program, The Art of JKD, is the pursuit of balance, utilizing martial awareness and athletic performance. It has nothing to do with history and preservation which the vast majority of JKD programs are based on.

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