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Training on the Wooden Dummy

Training on the Wooden Dummy

I first learned about the Wooden Dummy through a book titled Wing Tsun Wooden Dummy Techniques by Ip Man. Clearly the purpose is to improve form at the same time expound beyond tradition to fit modern time applications.
As for my use of the wooden dummy, I was guided to a revision. Based on the principles of Jeet Kune Do, I control feedback coming from the dummy, as I initiate force. This is hardly what you might find on your Youtube adventures. If it only required you to parry everything you assume is coming at you, then formal training is not necessary. In that sense, the lack of principles will give you no meaning and will render the wooden dummy useless. So why use it?

Much like the boxer who needs a punching bag for conditioning, the dummy helps to condition your leveraged attacks.

Bruce Lee shared his thoughts with Jerry Poteet on how one should use the dummy. “Your hit should be going towards the Dummy! Not side ways.” Now, I’m just paraphrasing, but when Jerry told me this story, he was giving me my first lesson on control. Controlling while my attack is forward meant, when I close distance with pressure, this will allow me to feel returning force. Of course nothing can replace a live partner, but when you’re working out on your own, this can help keep your mind sharp.

Closing distance is something I will share at another time.
When training the dummy, you work in distance, giving you options to secure your footwork positions and attacks.

To be continued…

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