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Our online class moves to JKDPRO 2.0!

2023 is starting off with our latest online training in The Art of JKD.

To review the latest video on JKDPRO 2.0, check out http://www.jkdpro.com

Learn martial movement and improve your base for power and control!

It is my goal to ensure you’re getting the guidance you need while you take my class.

Along with accessing weekly material, each member will have an opportunity to work with me directly. Whether you choose to be online or in-person, I’m confident you will take away a structural base for control and movement.

Movement is the key to longevity and is what makes us appreciate the ability to amplify tools of confidence.

No need for discombobulated information. I’ve built my system for you to follow key principles and improve self within a short period time.

Jeet Kune Do’s map is integrated in what Bruce Lee called “The five ways of Attack.” Before you are able to recognize how to use these ways, you must first understand your operating system. – Octavio Q.

  • No experience necessary
  • Start from the beginning
  • Feedback & Consultation directly with Octavio
  • Additional options to fit your goals
  • Feel a sense of balance
  • Follow new lessons every week
  • Equipment training
  • Train Solo
  • Partner Work

Be on list to join our New class starting Jan. 1st 2023! Our class will be hosted on jkdpro.com

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