Octavio Quintero

Octavio Quintero

Your Trainer

Octavio began his martial arts training in California at the age of 13, highlighting his life’s work in the art of Jeet Kune Do under the direction of world renowned JKD pioneers Jerry Poteet (fully certifying OQ in 2006) and Steve Golden who were direct students of Bruce Lee.

With 27 years of experience and expanding his work internationally, Octavio has trained people of all ages, men, women, and children. Many people from different backgrounds: to include military personnel, police officers, health care, entrepreneurs, aspiring actors & martial artists of different methods.  

As one of the most influential martial artists in the world, Octavio is known for his speed, precision, power and his ability to teach clear Jeet Kune Do principles. Appearing in media outlets and publications such as Youtube, Inside Kung Fu, Blackbelt, The Bruce Lee Foundation, many are captivated by Octavio’s energy and enthusiasm. You will be inspired not only by his physical performance but with his desire to ignite change and encourage a more balanced lifestyle.

A Philosophy of Action

Bruce Lee is a cultural icon of the 20th century. His contribution to the world of martial arts is revolutionary. He broke all the rules and broke barriers which created unity despite cultural differences. Bruce was an innovative philosopher who still influences so many to this day. Bruce Lee once said “Simplicity is the key to Brilliance”. Simplicity should not be complicated, but can find itself being over analyzed. It’s actually harder to be simple than complicated. Words like self-expression and to each his own seem to be used so frequently that many have come to believe Jeet Kune Do is simply a personal interpretation of the art. And because of its philosophical brilliance the Art is easily misunderstood.  At the peak of your performance you’ll realize how the principles actually become your teacher. THIS is the philosophical achievement everyone should AIM for! – Octavio Quintero

“JKD is not to hurt, but is one of the avenues through which life opens its secrets to us.”

Bruce Lee