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This course includes personal training with Octavio and accessible online lessons.  Learn how to unlock your maximum potential by installing a framework using mind, body and energy in a synergistic way to increase explosive skill in striking, footwork and timing.

Learn to build a functional framework by amplifying 10 key Assessments & Attributes.
The purpose is for the client to bridge the mind, body and energy into a synergistic vehicle for everyday living.

In this course you’ll receive direct guidance (Personal Training) from Octavio to help you install a framework by applying conditioning methods of muscle shifting, counter balance and Jeet Kune Do to maximize your awareness & physical base.

This plan comes with 12 lessons and can be used on Zoom or In-person.

This course and training plan also includes Octavio’s JKDPRO Coaching Series which contains Volume I – Structure and Volume II – Dynamic Striking adding up to 95 explosive lessons. Formatted to support you weekly, all lessons will be open for you to learn at your own pace.  Fitness drills are included to help you gain an edge while learning technical details.  These online lessons are for reference only and do not override the personal training you will get from Octavio.

Due to instant access, all sales are final and non-refundable.