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Budapest Group Class


This class is an educational piece to align appropriate training references for coaches, assistants and students.

Location: Budapest May 10 2024

This class covers aligned topics for coaching based on Octavio’s years of experience and program. By following his proven framework, you will be able to help progress your students effectively in a short period of time.

The time of training will depend on the range of attendees. Coaches are encouraged to have their students assist them in the coaching class.

Between 5-9 participants will be 1.5 -2 hours of training based on topics covered.

Between 10-15: will be 2.5 hours training

Between 15-20: will be 3.5 hours of training

Please complete your registration by March 1st.

*As a reminder, due to advance planning from long distance, there will be no refunds for any payments made for this class & any other consecutive events Octavio Quintero will be instructing at.
If the event is cancelled by unforeseen circumstances, all registered applicants will receive a refund.