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Sapporo Japan Private Class


This class is private and by invitation only.  Purpose: To solidify credentials in performing and coaching the principles in Jeet Kune Do by Octavio.

What will you learn?  This is always the question regarding how to learn Jeet Kune Do.  You won’t be guessing your coaching abilities.  To feel confident, you must understand principles.  Since Jeet Kune Do is based on strategy, you will learn how to think for yourself rather than always looking for the next answer.
The other important piece is to project a professional demeanor towards the public.  To show value you will need certain qualities in helping students.

Location: Sapporo August 2024
Registration needs to be completed early for Octavio to book his flight and arrangements for his stay.

This class covers aligned topics for coaching based on Octavio’s years of experience and program. By following his proven framework, you will be able to help progress your students effectively in a short period of time.

There are 2 specific days of training aligned with 8/24 and 8/25. Both days are specific to 8hours total.  Additional time will be added based on consecutive meetings, dinners, gatherings.
You may ask questions during our breaks, lunches and dinners!  If you have any resources such as books related to JKD and videos, bring them if you need assistance on comprehension.

All participants are to be equipped with Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards and Focus Mitts.
For those who will be participating in sparring, you must have groin protection and teeth guard for safety. (This will be controlled by Octavio)

All participants will need to wear The Martial Athlete T-shirt during their training. This shirt will be made in the U.S.. A separate invoice will be created for T-shirts.

There will be no cameras recording or taking pictures of Octavio’s class.  One camera under the direction of Octavio may be used, but this is undecided at this time.

When the participant is completed with the their training, based on the evaluation of understanding, performance and application, Octavio will personally certify each participant. If you’re not able to perform the requirement, then Octavio will reserve time for you at a later date on Zoom at no additional cost until you’re able to perform the requirements.

For any inquiries on where to stay and coordination, contact Hyuga Amir.

Any additional participants such as students or other members, will need to register the same. These additional participants won’t be certified as a Coach. If participants brings 2 or more people to this event, then you will get a group reduction rate of 10%.

*As a reminder, due to advance planning from long distance, there will be no refunds for any payments made for this class & any other consecutive events Octavio Quintero will be instructing at.