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JKDPRO Coaching Plan – (Complete)


JKDPRO coaching series includes a two volume series developed by Octavio Quintero. Prior to learning key principles in interception, develop confidence as you increase explosive skill in striking, footwork and timing. A must for any jeet kune do enthusiast and a great start for a beginner!  Includes 3 sessions directly with Octavio.

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Learn how to build a functional framework by utilizing The Art of JKD principles in our JKDPRO plan!

Unlock your maximum potential as an artist while you follow lessons in structure, striking, footwork and more.

The JKDPro Online Coaching Series was designed for anyone and starts you from the beginning!

You can Train Solo & begin taking steps towards The Art of JKD Coaching.

JKDPRO contains Volume I – Structure and Volume II – Dynamic Striking adding up to 96 explosive lessons. Formatted to support you weekly, all lessons will be open for you to learn at your own pace.  Fitness drills are included to help you gain an edge while learning technical details.

Due to instant access, all sales are final and non-refundable.