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JKDPRO – Dynamic Striking

$67.00 / month for 6 months and a $35.00 sign-up fee

JKDPRO is an online series developed by Octavio Quintero.  Follow a week to week lesson plan lasting up to 6 months and learn how to create force and when to release dynamic power. Develop confidence as you increase explosive skill in striking, footwork and timing. A must for any jeet kune do enthusiast and a great start for a beginner!

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Triple your POWER in 90 DAYS by learning specific biomechanics uncovered in JKDPRO!
JKDPro is an online coaching series rooted from essential training methods instructed by Octavio Quintero. Based on Jeet Kune Do principles, JKDPRO consolidates all the heavy lifting of research so you don’t need to. Learn Jeet Kune Do from home while following tutorials on your tablet, laptop and smartphone!

The JKDPro Coaching Series was designed for anyone and starts you from the beginning!
You can Train Solo or begin working towards The Art of JKD Coaching credentials.
4 explosive lessons are released every week for you to digest at an easy pace.  JKDPRO contains Volume I – Structure and Volume II – Dynamic Striking totaling 6 months education & training. Equipment used in the series: Striking Bag, Sway Bag, Double-End Bag, Striking Mitts (for Partners).  A few lessons on the Wooden Dummy but not necessary to purchase.