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“While each member has their own classes & methods, I currently serve as their consultant.
I have several sections for coaches to complete in order to be approved. This depends on personal functionality, ability to coach, client business ethics & application of use. I direct coaches towards professionalism and to avoid the failures of argumentative discussions that lead nowhere. Variance of level & advancement for listed coaches below depends on their time with me which consist of my experience, research and study in The Art of JKD.”

– Octavio Q.

North America

Danny Bermingham : Yuba City, Ca
Jim Crandall : Yuba City, Ca
Julius Johnson : Sacramento, Ca
Wesley Harrison : Ok
Dan Ma : Portland, Or
Colter Clemence : Springfield, Mo
Edward Garcia : Stockton, Ca


Hyuga Amir : Sapporo, Japan
Masayuki Endo : Sapporo, Japan
Hideki Yawata : Narita City, Japan
Takehiro Tsuruta : Kagoshima City, Japan
Yuichi Shimizu : Hakui City, Japan
Mark Douglas : Sasebo City, Japan
Nagao Takezo : Sasebo City, Japan
Makoto Abe : Tokyo, Japan
Aoki Yutaka : Tokyo, Japan
Takayuki Shima : Takaoka City, Japan
Katsuya Miura : Kagoshima, Japan


Angelo Russo : Milan, Italy
Frank Le Chau : Karlsruhe, Germany
Cureyet Aydin : Ansbach, Germany
Janos Petz : Budapest, Hungary
Sabina Lanca : Pula, Croatia
Emiliano Negri : Abruzzo, Italy
Shadrokh Am : Tbilisi, Georgia
Bernd Pfahler : Ansbach, Germany
Son Ngọc Nguyen : Lillstrom, Norway
Aman Bhogal : London, England

Yakko Sideratos : São Paulo, Brazil
David Duque : Envigado, Colombia