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Workshop Tokyo, Japan

4.29 & 4.30

I’ll be starting the new year with a high level Workshop in Tokyo Japan for Hyuga Amir, a dedicated student who currently teaches Aikido in Sapporo. 

Hyuga is hosting me for a two day event in Tokyo while we visit some great sites. This is an opportunity to also show principles of Jeet Kune Do pertaining to the involvement of the human body and tactical methods surrounding combat. However, I’m more into the holistic side of things and you will find it beneficial on how to approach The Art of JKD utilizing key elements. 

Topics will include how to develop your base, increase power by way of movement & control and how to continue training by yourself and with a partner. You will also have an opportunity to begin coaching small groups under my direction for continued education and training remotely. 

To register for the event please click here 

If you have any questions related to the topics, how to get the location, times and hotel recommendations, reach out to Hyuga Amir @

See you there! 

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