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Workshop Milan, Italy

6.10 & 6.11

Hosted by dedicated student Angelo Russo, I will be presenting the final chapter of Jeet Kune Do workshops in the beautiful city of Milan Italy!   

This doesn’t mean I will stop teaching. In fact, this just means I’m accelerating my use of coaching skills to a new venture of performance and skill. I will present a preview in Milan of how to initialize your body as a unit while utilizing dynamic principles I discovered over the course of 30 years. The Art of JKD has been a program of consistency to include the clients best traits.

This workshop will allow me to help you take the guess work out, providing you the confidence to improve over a short period of time.

A large view of today’s jeet kune do is speed, staying out of range, timing on reaction and conform to anything. These topics can only get you so far and will burden you to seek out more rather than learning a system to channel your focus. Improve your stability with the right grounded features in dynamic movement. Learn to hit with great power and control. Support your critical thinking skills with the right mechanisms.  This is a great platform if you want to start coaching in the near future and I will provide details on the next steps.

Learn more about how to attend our Milan event by  clicking here

For any questions on topics, location, hotel recommendations and more, please contact Angelo Russo

You can also visit our event on Facebook. 

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