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Learn How to Increase
Physical Strength & Control

“I’m looking for individuals who want a complete experience in my personalized training method.  I’m going to condense thirty years of martial arts into one by installing programs & frameworks for martial power, control & coordination into your subconscious mind.” – Octavio

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There is no better way to improve your overall health in essential training exercises which indirectly targets mind, body & energy.


The ultimate goal is to maximize physiological adaptations and increase physical performance.


By refining the use of martial arts tools and application, your framework supports control, power & movement as a unit.

Personal Training

When it comes to workout performance and claiming you are doing the best you can, working directly with an expert will provide the consistency you need for your overall development. Work with a customizable plan in Portland Oregon. If you live outside of Portland, then we can include you in our online package.

“You may choose to meet with me online or in-person and I’ll have a dedicated plan to enhance your health. I will be your guide and mentor through this process. All it takes is your commitment to an overall plan and I’ll help you take all the guess work out.” – Octavio 

About Octavio Q

“I earned my Associates degree in 1997 from a Vocational College and decided I would continue my education in martial arts. Purpose is different for everyone and it normally takes time to identify what drives you. By the time I hit 40, I knew my greatest asset was my experience. I’ve come to recollect how I attained my attributes in my pursuit of Jeet Kune Do. Much of it had to do with my determination to perform effective strategic attacks while sparring. My agility and speed increased by setting goals and I included modern sport conditioning methods like plyometrics & calisthenics. I realized I had to either train clients in various methods they may never use or try a different approach in guiding clients who wish to gain results in the least amount of time. There is no doubt Martial Arts has a vast array of benefits such as mental focus & health. Let’s not forget the overall objective of martial arts is to maintain self-control. By immersing myself with key individuals and coaches I discovered the human body requires both internal & external cultivation. Participants become more active by practicing nutrition, breathing and exercise while increasing confidence and martial ability. As I become wiser in my age, I don’t need to show you everything about fighting. Today JKD has become a debate of what happened in Bruce Lee’s life time. These semantics stunt an individuals ability to look outside the box. I’d rather show you how to amplify your state of awareness by activating key elements your body needs, while you learn to perform what I was so passionate about all these years in Jeet Kune Do. I can confidently say you will immediately discover the difference between a proficient exhilarating training session versus the inexperienced coach clinging to just fighting moves. “ – Octavio Q

Octavio Q was certified in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do by the late Jerry Poteet as a Full Instructor and trains with Steve Golden who both studied with Lee in Los Angeles Chinatown & were also invited to train at his home. Octavio is also in a joint venture with Dimitri Therios. A friend and colleague who created Olympian by Design. Octavio currently coaches in Portland Oregon and Online.

Online Members

“As someone who has learned JKD concepts through a book 30 years ago, I can refine my knowledge and tools through your teaching.”


“The biggest take away I had was mechanics to striking which allowed for faster rebound, stronger attacks.”


“The incredible amount of repetitions have helped me familiarize myself with application of movement and structure.”


“Really enjoying the lessons, great guide to movement execution.”


“¡Buenos días! Sobre todo he conseguido integrar mejor la mecánica corporal que involucra todas las partes del cuero. Y también una visión y una experiencia más dinámica y adaptativa de los desplazamientos.”


“I have some martial arts experience in Kenpo and Kuk Sool Won, but this is completely different. I have learned to attack from both left and right front stances now. My right front stance is now my dominant stance. “


“Thanks for being a cool guy and as I said in my previous update, your passion in teaching and presenting JKD shines through and is inspirational.”


“Every lesson is worth learning. One of the best things that I did for myself. Thanks very much Octavio you made one of my dreams come true!”


“I have been trying to get down the straight lead for some time now and his explanations of the straight lead and the rear cross supplied me all the details I was missing…”


“Sifu Quintero is doing excellent in teaching the basic forms of each technique and the body mechanics that foes into it. This ensures proper form before combinations or advanced footwork is placed thereafter.”


“The breakdown of the beginner lesson i.e. straight kick 1-15 simplifies the motion for the lesson he is teaching. His explanation of what and why your doing it this way helps me to follow along”


“It’s going slowly but surely. I really like the way that Octavio breaks the moves down into bite-sized lessons.”


“These lessons are really an awesome way, for people like me, who are not living in the same country as Octavio.”


“¡Buenos días! Sobre todo he conseguido integrar mejor la mecánica corporal que involucra todas las partes del cuero. Y también una visión y una experiencia más dinámica y adaptativa de los desplazamientos. Gracias.”


“Really amazing, thank you. Have seen rapid results in physique and agility and am enjoying the flexibility of drill training freely and as required whilst the techniques are introduced smoothly.”


“I’d like to introduce you to a young and talented man and is the future of Jeet Kune Do.”

– Jerry Poteet
(Bruce Lee Student & Film Consultant)

“Octavio Quintero is one of the best Jeet Kune Do Instructors in the world! Period.”

– Dan Lok
(CEO of High Ticket Sales)

“Octavio is a well-rounded individual & ever the consummate professional as he is always maturing his expertise.”

– Angelo Russo

“Octavio Quintero, a fantastic cool JKD disciple that will remind you how great Bruce Lee has influenced the world.”

– Silvester See
(Hong Kong Producer / Director)

“In a short period of time, I am noticeably more efficient and explosive.”

– Dan Ma
(Digital Marketing & Media)

“If you are looking to train with an excellent teacher and individual, Octavio is someone I highly recommend.”

– Jim Riggio
(Senior Sales Executive)

Customize your training plan

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