Triple Your Training Performance in just 90 days!

With JKDPRO 2.0 now live, members have the opportunity to either train solo, work with a partner or perhaps taking their coaching skills to another level. With easy to do exercises and drills, get the skill your need to perform effective footwork, striking and tactics! Train on your own schedule, follow our online video library, receive regular guidance as you […]


Our online class moves to JKDPRO 2.0! 2023 is starting off with our latest online training in The Art of JKD. To review the latest video on JKDPRO 2.0, check out Learn martial movement and improve your base for power and control! It is my goal to ensure you’re getting the guidance you need while you take my class. […]

Tokyo Japan 2 Day Seminar April 29 & 30 Year 2023

One of my final seminars will be held in Japan. I look forward to exploring other opportunities that will greatly benefit various members in pursuing life commitment goals. This will also give me an opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes of Japan. It’s been a long time coming. More importantly, this event will be about the students ability to strengthen […]


Since our announcement of The Art of JKD Online, we have received a high number of subscribers to our website! This is great news and I want to commend you on taking the first step in learning more about our program. I’ve trained hard and even worked harder to bring a system that will soon be available. In my early […]

Release Date 1.1.20

You may have seen dates push back several times this year. In fact I had originally planned to have another mini-series on Youtube about 2 years ago. To be honest, my program is more than a side show. I will release some more free content in the future, but not right now. I believe I left enough samples that if […]