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Learn How to Increase
Physical Strength & Control

“I know the struggle most people face when looking for the right guidance and direction.
With nearly 30 years of training & teaching, I discovered when using 3 important principles within the framework
of Jeet Kune Do, you will feel balanced and who you are as an artist.”
– Octavio

Boost Fitness

There is no better way to improve your overall health in essential training exercises which indirectly targets mind, body & energy.

Mindful Training

By refining the use of martial arts tools and application, your framework supports control, power & movement as a unit.

Core Strength

The ultimate goal is to maximize physiological adaptations and increase physical performance.

Online Training

Learn Jeet Kune Do online through a multi-level system packed with in-depth video lessons, directions & support to reach your goals.

Personal Training

When it comes to workout performance and claiming you are doing the best you can, working directly with an expert will provide the consistency you need for your overall development.


Advanced Training strengthens your critical thinking skills in adverse situations. Phase II (Advanced Training) unlocks Timing; architectural principles to guide you within the complexity of situational awareness.

Featured Work

“As someone who has learned JKD concepts through a book 30 years ago, I can refine my knowledge and tools through your teaching.”


“The biggest take away I had was mechanics to striking which allowed for faster rebound, stronger attacks.”


“The incredible amount of repetitions have helped me familiarize myself with application of movement and structure.”


Customize your training plan

Schedule a free consultation with Octavio and learn what path is best for you.

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