Learn Dynamic Principles in Motion
in 90 days!

  • Improve your mobility and awareness in half a year what most studios try to teach you in 3  
  • Work on developing your focus & accuracy when striking moving targets  
  • Generate quickness in your mobility to gain an edge over uncoordinated opponents
  • Suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Access videos anytime, anywhere
  • Increase your hitting power 3 times faster than any other program out there today  
  • Build the right framework to understand timing in Bruce Lee’s ways of attack  
  • Build Confidence & Reduce Stress
  • Receive guidance from Octavio Quintero. A world renowned Jeet Kune Do specialist

“My commitment to excellence is being the best in the work at Jeet Kune Do.  With my years of experience I want to share my enthusiasm to help reach your full potential in the fastest most effective way.  Hard work, determination, and perseverance will bring success.  I’ve instructed thousands of students in classes, community groups, law enforcement, military service personnel and now to also include exclusive training via Online!  Within the first few weeks, clients are amazed at the discovery of power they never knew they had!  Ultimately my goal is to introduce positive awareness.  Perhaps an awakening.”  – Octavio Quintero

A Commitment to Excellence

A rock solid easy to follow program. Train at your pace and schedule while Octavio guides you with specific training methods to increase physical performance.

The Art of JKD Course

The Art of JKD Online is a 6 month training course developed by Octavio Quintero to help people who are unable to train in person regardless of location.   Octavio Quintero’s JKD (Jeet Kune Do) provides you with fantastic physical martial arts training while learning components of self-defense.

In each lesson, Octavio breaks down details of your stance, footwork, exercises and various punching and kicking tools.  Octavio also shares unique and effective applications along the way so you know how to apply what you’ve learned. 


"I'd like to introduce you to a young a talented man and is the future of Jeet Kune Do. His name is Octavio Quintero."
Jerry Poteet
Bruce Lee student & JKD Pioneer
"Octavio Quintero is one of the best Jeet Kune Do Instructors in the world! Period."
Dan Lok
CEO of High Ticket Sales
"Octavio is a world class martial artist and phenomenal instructor. There is no one like him in the world. I have never seen such speed and explosive power in my life! You have to see it to believe it!!!"
Jason Ramirez
CEO Drivers Insurance
"Octavio, sensible and humble bearer of the spiritual and technical legacy of the Art of Jeet Kune Do. Authentic Master. I'm honored to be his student and mentor. Trustworthy guide and friend, his enlightenment is a constant source of inspiration. All my respect."
Angelo Russo
Attorney at Law
"Octavio is a well-rounded individual and ever the consummate professional as he is always maturing his expertise. His skills are second to none and demonstrate his ability to express those talents to others. I have been personally training with Octavio since 2015 and have become considerably more proficient under tutelage. Don't miss an opportunity to learn from a leading authority in Jeet Kune Do."
Wesley Harrison
Occupational Therapist
"Octavio Quintero, a fantastic cool JKD disciple that will remind you how Great Bruce Lee has influenced the world."
Sylvester See
Executive Producer / Director
"My techniques and vision of JKD have completely changed. I thank Octavio for his friendship and teachings that allowed me to understand how to apply JKD."
Yakko Sideratos
Comedian (Brazil)
"Octavio Quintero is an outstanding martial arts instructor and a very good performance specialist. The I've been studying martial arts for more than a decade and never met a teacher like Octavio before.
frank le chau - JKD Octavio
Frank Le Chau
Media & Technical Specialist
"In a short period of time, I am noticeably more efficient and explosive. I am faster, stronger, and more confident. Thank you Octavio!"
Dan Ma
Digital Marketer & Media Developer
"Octavio has the ability to explain the content we are working on, at my level. I always come away with thinking the "light bulb" came on. After getting hit by a car many years ago and now in my 60's Octavio has been able to work with me to help me improve even with the limitations I have. If you are looking to train with an excellent teacher and individual, Octavio is someone I highly recommend."
Jim Riggio
Senior Sales Executive

Q & A

Are you skeptical of online training?

Training in-person is always the best way to evaluate. However, like anything else, you can't learn well if you're not hitting the books.  In this day in age, video guidance is the next best thing.  The Art of JKD Online guides you step by step to synchronize all components in structure and balance. Taking classes online have become more prevalent in recent years and more convenient in this generation.  Look at Youtube.  Since the content is free, people flock to that as a means to learn something quickly.  But the problem is, you only learn pieces and tricks.

What is the difference between The Art of JKD and other JKD methods today?

The Art of JKD is a stand-alone program of Octavio Quintero's years of experience and work that is unrelated to the General Jeet Kune Do methods taught today. The Art of JKD is the pursuit of balance, utilizing martial awareness & athletic performance. This program was developed for clients who live anywhere in the world. Depending on your availability, please consider personal training for a full evaluation.

Wikipedia calls Jeet Kune Do "a hybrid of Martial Arts".  
The details on this subject are very confusing and it outlines buzz words like footwork, straight lead, non-classical, stop-hits, 5 ways of attack are merely historical references and doesn't explain how to apply strategy as a whole.

Certification Goals

Once you've succeeded the preliminaries, you'll find it suitable to enroll in our Personal Training Course.

Advanced Program

When you complete the preliminaries in The Art of JKD, please consider enrolling in direct personal training with Octavio.

How does The Art of JKD Online work?

The Art of JKD Online is a montly subscription program and the videos are released by schedule. This allows you to follow the program effectively. More than 90 days worth of videos have been produced to last you 180 days. We encourage our clients to maintain your subscription for reference but you may cancel at anytime. No refunds are offered.


Are you ever going to reach the end of the tunnel?

Stop Guessing!

I’ve been there and done that! It’s quite common for anyone to click and search Jeet Kune Do in attempt to unravel a mystery. Wikipedia calls Jeet Kune Do “a hybrid of martial arts.” From a historical perspective, I guess this could be true. But the information is ambiguous. Stacking principles that don’t go together and using buzzwords like, directness, non-classical, straight lead hold no weight in HOW you apply unique application of tools. This information doesn’t explain how JKD works!

Let me make it clear.

Since Jeet Kune Do’s conception, portion of its philosophies have taken different routes and manifested to the likeness of each instructor. Some would argue that Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy.  While the other side attempt to crystalize and condition students to follow everything the creator of Jeet Kune Do,  Bruce Lee did in his life by historical accounts.

The question still remains. How did Bruce Lee pull off amazing skills!?

By eye witness accounts, Lee was able to close in against student Steve Golden while attempting to defend against a few hand strikes. Before Steve knew it,
he was completely immobilized!

Without looking at exactly the martial art form Lee used against Steve,
several things happened at the right moment in time!

There is no doubt Lee had to start somewhere. The martial art he trained in increased his ability to close in on Steve in a flash. But it was more than a set of martial art techniques or speed!

Lee was simply a master of 3 simple components. Mind, body and fighting strategy!

That’s just the tip of the ice berg!

The Art of JKD Online is supported by a unique System.  Yes!  A System.  Without a system, what are you doing?  To function in life, you use a method.  So let’s see if you want to use a system to comprehend mind, body & fighting strategy!

The Art of JKD Online